Frequently Asked Questions about the Pingelly Recreation And Cultural Centre

Q: Why is the new Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre going to be constructed out of timber?

The building is designed as a timber structure, using a combination of solid timber and engineered timbers (i.e. Plywoods, Glulam, Laminated Veneer Lumber). There are many advantages of this system in terms of construction efficiency, environmental benefit, lifecycle costing and user appeal. We have also designed the building to make appropriate use of local West Australian plantation hardwoods and softwoods wherever possible.

The PRACC Focus Group has explored the durability, functionality, visual aspects, and long term maintenance of the proposed timber building.

Q: How much is the PRACC going to cost?

This Project has been estimated to cost $8,130,000 (exclusive of GST).

The Shire of Pingelly will contribute $3,000,000 and the rest will be sought through Grant Applications and Government Funding. Head to the Funding Successes section on The Shire webpage to see how well we have done so far!

Q: How will this affect Pingelly?

Overall the proposed development is expected to make a valuable contribution to the local economy with the injection of new employment and tourist visitation. During construction, the project is expected to create 18 local or regional jobs and is designed to optimise the use of locally available

skills and service providers. The PRACC will help contribute to a healthy and cohesive community and help to attract young families into the area. 

There will also be numerous ongoing volunteer opportunities due to the establishment of a Management Association to operate the facility.

Q: When will the new PRACC be ready?

The detailed designs and procurement for this Project will be completed by September 2016, with construction anticipated to commence in October 2016, with completion by August 2017. Pingelly will be hosting one of South Freemantle WAFL fixtures in 2017 as part of the opening of the PRACC – watch this space for more details!

Q: Who will be designing and building the PRACC?

We already have the main Floor Plan and Building Construction concept agreed for the PRACC, with the help of Patrick Beale from UWA. We have recently appointed a Project architect, Iredale Pedersen Hook (IPH) to take this project through the final design and the construction stage.  

Iredale Pedersen Hook are a multi award winning architecture practice. Seven of their awards relate to timber design and use.  They have considerable experience working in regional and isolated locations.  Visit their website to see some of their previous and current projects.

The Expression of Interest for demolition of the current buildings and fit out of PRACC is out now – head to the Expressions of Interest section on The Shire webpage to download the form.  

The Shire of Pingelly will endeavour to employ experts throughout the construction of the PRACC.

Q: Did this answer your question?

If not, please contact the Shire of Pingelly on (08) 9887 1066.