Bush Fire Control

Bush Fire Preparedness

In Western Australia, bushfire season starts in November and continues through to April. Bushfires can happen anywhere but generally impacts Perth, the South West, Great Southern, Goldfields, Agricultural and Mid West regions. Although the Water Corporation is well preapred for bushfire seasons, water pressure or water supply cannot be guaranteed in the event of a bushfire. 
Please click here to find out more information from the Water Corporation in reagrds to being prepared for Bush Fires this season. 

Bush Fire Control

Launch of designated bush fire prone area reforms

The State Government has launched its bush fire reform package in response to planning and building recommendations from the Keelty Report into the Perth Hills bush fire of 2011. Key measures include:

  • The creation of the Map of Bush Fire Prone Areas, which identifies the areas of Western Australia that have been designated as bush fire prone by order of the Fire and Emergency Services (FES) Commissioner;
  • New bush fire planning requirements for development in designated bush fire prone areas; and
  • Application of the bush fire construction requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for certain residential buildings.

Information on crop fires can be accessed here.

Fire Chat

This bushfire season Fire Chat will be the new "branding umbrella" for Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) community engagement and communications around bushfire. This will be supported by the Are You Ready Campaign.

A suite of new bushfire planning and preparation tools have been developed, consisting of 5 minute Fire Chat, and supported by Your Bushfire Preparation Toolkit, which are two simple steps aimed at helping residents to be better prepared for bushfire.

The 5 Minute Fire Chat asks people living in a high bushfire risk area to have a fire chat to discuss there key questions with family and friends to discuss three key questions with family and friends or to discuss with their neighbours if they live alone:

  • When will you know to leave?
  • Where will you go?
  • Which way will you go?

If this is all people do, they will be more prepared than doing nothing. This approach is easy for all people to achieve.

After people have answered the there questions above, they are then directed to take the next step, which is to seek out their Bushfire Preparation Toolkit. The toolkit is available in hard copy but can also be downloaded at www.dfes.wa.gov.au/firechat. Fact sheets with further bushfire preparedness information can also be found on the website.

For further information please contact communitypreparedness@dfes.wa.gov.au or 93959816.

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