Neighbourhood Watch / Rural Watch

Pingelly is a small rural town with a population of around 1300 people compromising both townsite and rural residents. Late in 2007 we were able to bring the towns Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan to Council for endorsement and put into practise several preventative measures that had been highlighted in surveys, community and police consultation.

The idea of Neighbourhood/Rural Watch was first started back in February in conjunction with the Crime Prevention Plan and a small committee was put into place comprising of the Community Development Officer, Local Police, Shire Councillors and Residents.

Neighbourhood Watch is about you, your local neighbourhood, the wider community and the WA Police working together to establish and maintain a safer community by:

  • Reducing violence, crime and fear;
  • Building a safer community;
  • Preventing crime that affects you;
  • Enhancing effective communication; and
  • Developming community spirit.

This is Pingelly’s aim and direction for the future and already we have seen from combined efforts a reduction in our towns crime which is a positive step forward.

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