Innovation Grant Scheme

To provide financial assistance to community groups and local businesses to support social and economic initiatives in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Funding Round 2020-21

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the funding pool is exhausted. Consideration will be given at the subsequent Council Meeting when applications are submitted by the first day of the corresponding month.

Who can apply?

Incorporated associations (or auspiced through an incorporated association with written acknowledgement) and local businesses. 

Ineligible organisations include:

  • An organisation which failed to acquit previous Shire of Pingelly funding.

Priority Areas

Funding is for undertaking projects and programs within the Shire of Pingelly that provide benefit to residents. Projects will be expected to address the social and/or economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The priority areas for funding include, but are not limited to, projects that:
  • respond to an immediate need in our community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • connect neighbours and community members to assist and support each other;
  • enhance people’s access to critical information and resources;
  • enable transportation and delivery of services and supplies;
  • deliver technology to enable people to access information, resources and connect with other people and services;
  • assist the community to respond positively to the challenges of the COVID-19 situation and promote a strong regrowth phase;
  • support businesses who are redefining their business model and providing a community service in response to the pandemic.
What can I apply for?

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the funding pool is exhausted. Applications must be from an eligible organisation and be for no more than $2,000. The funding will support up to 100% of total project costs. In-kind services and volunteer labour are eligible components of the total project costs. Successful projects will meet at least one priority area, or have a clearly identified and evidenced need.

Some projects, either in their entirety or elements of the project may not be eligible for funding. They are:

  • projects that have already commenced;
  • recurrent maintenance or operating costs;
  • projects that are considered to be private, commercial, individual or state government core responsibility/ activities;
  • elements that may be considered offensive;
  • fundraising, political or loan repayments.

How are applications assessed?

Applications will be assessed according to:

  • the level of community benefit;
  • the level to which it addresses an evidenced need;
  • long term sustainability;
  • appropriateness of the project financial statement;
  • partnerships, collaborations, community engagement and involvement or other funding sources that have been secured;
  • capacity to deliver the project.

Submitting your application

For applications to proceed to assessment they must:
  • be submitted on the appropriate form;
  • include the required information, including insurance and financial details;
  • include agreement from the applicant to acknowledge the Shire if funding is successful;
  • ensure the applicant demonstrates its ability to manage the project;
  • not be due to commence until after the notification date.


As part of the acquittal process grant recipients will be required to provide supporting documentation (receipts or invoices) and a brief evaluation report to the Shire of Pingelly, within 30 days of project completion. Failure to complete the acquittal will disqualify the applicant from future funding.
  1. Eligible organisations are encouraged to contact the Community Development Officer to discuss the eligibility of their application for the Innovation Grant Scheme.
  2. Complete the Innovation Grant Scheme Application Form available on the Shire of Pingelly website.
  3. Completed Application Forms are to be submitted to by 5pm on the closing date.
  4. Notification of the application outcome will be sent within one month of the closing date.
  5. Payment of the grant funds are paid to successful applicants upon notification of the project commencing.
  6. Deliver project outlined in grant application within 12 months of receiving the funding.
  7. Complete the Acquittal Form within 30 days of the conclusion of the project.


These documents are available in alternative formats upon request.
Community Development Officer
Phone: (08) 9887 1066