Draft Pingelly Youth Strategy 2021-25 Public Comment

Published on Tuesday, 29 June 2021 at 9:55:49 AM

The Shire of Pingelly, in collaboration with the Pingelly Youth Network, has drafted the Pingelly Youth Strategy 2021-25 based on the ideas and contributions made by young people in the recent Future Starts With You’th Consultation series.

Through consultation and research, the Pingelly Youth Network established four focus areas to inform the scope of the Pingelly Youth Strategy 2021-25. The focus areas were  determined based on:

  • What matters most to young people
  • Activities considered core business of the Shire
  • Issues identified as having the greatest need or requiring the most attention
  • Areas where the Shire can make the biggest impact or has influence

The focus areas are:

  • Participation Young people need to have a say about the issues that affect them and are empowered to make meaningful contributions to decision making, community consultations and future planning in Pingelly.
  • Health and Wellness Young people need to have access to the information, support and services they need to be happy, healthy and empowered to make positive informed choices.
  • Safety Young people need to feel safe in their home and wider community, and have the skills and knowledge to make good choices about their personal safety.
  • Future Aspirations Young people need to have access to education and employment opportunities, as well as have their needs supported and advocated for on their behalf to attract services and activities to support their retention within the community.

Strategies and actions for each focus area have been developed in considering the community and organisational capacity to deliver, to ensure the Pingelly Youth Strategy 2021-25 aligns to human and financial resource capabilities.

For more information and to remain updated about the Youth Strategy 2021-25 visit the Projects and Initiatives page here.

Next steps

The draft version of the Pingelly Youth Strategy 2021-25 is now available to view in-person at the Shire Office, or download below. The opportunity to submit any further feedback or comments will be open until Friday, 23 July at 4.30pm, to enable the Pingelly Youth Network and Council to consider any proposed changes in August 2021.

Submissions can be submitted in-person at the Shire of Pingelly Administration, or via email to admin@pingelly.wa.gov.au


For further information contact Sam Kempton, Community Development Officer on 9887 1066 or sam.kempton@pingelly.wa.gov.au


Draft Pingelly Youth Strategy 2021-25


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