Prohibited Burning Period

Published on Tuesday, 29 October 2019 at 12:00:00 AM

Prohibited Burning Period

The Prohibited Burning Period will start on 1 November 2019 through to 14 February 2020. All properties should have had the fire hazard reduction completed by this date and this fire hazard reduction is required to be maintained throughout the Prohibited Burning Period.


  • Permits may only be issued on a daily basis
  • Permits are only issued for the purpose of protective burning (around houses, sheds etc.)
  • Permits are valid between the hours of 4pm and mid-night.  Hours of burning may be shortened as a condition of the permits, e.g. usual practice for town is burning between 6pm and 11pm only.
  • Permits will only be issued up to 11pm on 14 December during this period.
  • At least 3 people must be in attendance for the duration of the burn.


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