Pingelly has a number of tourist attractions open to visitors of the region.

Boyagin Rock Nature Reserve

Situated 26km north-west of Pingelly, Boyagin Rock rises 50 metres above the surrounding countryside and Boyaginis a very popular scenic area with a profusion of wildflowers in spring. It is one of the last preserves of the native wildlife and plants which once dominated the area with stands of powderbark, jarrah and marri. Picnic facilities are available. No camping is permitted. For more information please visit the Department of Environment and Conservation web site at

Tutanning Flora And Fauna Reserve

22.5km east of Pingelly is the renowned Tutanning Flora & Fauna Reserve where botanist Guy Shorteridge collected over 400 species of plants for the British Museum between 1903 and 1906. It covers only about 2000ha.  For more information click here.


Moorumbine, situated 8km east of Pingelly, was the first townsite in this Moorumbine Trailsarea, settled in 1864. The Moorumbine Heritage Trail is a short walk or drive through the old townsite and features many sites of historical significance including the early settlers’ cottages and St Patrick’s Anglican Church which was consecrated in 1873 and is still in use today.

Dryandra Woodland

South-west of Pingelly, Dryandra Woodland is home to over 100 bird speciesDryandra Woodland and 24 mammals, offering visitors an excellent opportunity to observe some of the State’s threatended and unique mammals. It is an especially scenic area with magnificent woodlands and spectacular wildflowers in spring. Newly opened is the Barna Mia Animal Sanctuary, providing an opportunity to view endangered marsupials in a natural setting. For further information, Department of Environment and Conservation web site at

Memorial Park/Courthouse Museum

Located in the main street of Pingelly, Memorial Park includes picnic areas, aCourthouse Museum children’s playground and beautiful gardens open to the public for recreational use. The Courthouse Museum was built in 1907 and was in use until 1977. It is now used to house memorabilia and photographs of yesteryear. Don’t miss the weather rock which swings outside the museum.

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park runs adjacent to the railway line with new barbecue and picnic facilities available for public use. Many of the old buildings in Pingelly are made from mud bricks which were taken from this location.The Cross

The Cross

Situated on private property on the east side of town, The Cross stands 15 metres high and is illuminated at night. This is a symbol of peace and hope.