Council Meetings

Ordinary meetings of Council are held on the third Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise resolved), in the Council Chambers located at 17 Queen Street, Pingelly, commencing at 2.00pm.

Members of the public are always welcome to attend and have the opportunity to ask questions at the beginning of the meeting. Community groups are invited to submit meeting minutes and reports to Council. Please ensure correspondence or items to be presented to Council are delivered to the Shire Office by the Tuesday, 8 days prior to the meeting.

For information on Public Question Time click here.

Council Meetings 2018

21 February                         21 March 
18 April                               16 May 
20 June                               18 July 
15 August                            19 September 
17 October                           21 November 
12 December 

Council Meetings 2019

20 February 
20 March 
17 April 
15 May 
19 June 
17 July 
21 August 
18 September 
16 October 
20 November 
11 December 

Council Meetings Dates

No public council meetings have been scheduled yet.