Council Elections

Local Government Elections are held every two years, for a term of four years.  There are 3 vacancies in 2023. The Councillors with terms finishing in 2023 are President William Mulroney, Councillor Anthony Oliveri and Councillor Peter Narducci.

Three candidates have been nominated for the 3 vacant positions. This means that all candidates have been elected unopposed and there will not be an election as previously scheduled on 21 October 2023. Congratulations to each of the below Councillors Elect.

The Results of the Election for the Shire of Pingelly can also be viewed here.

Candidate Profiles

Each candidate has nominated for the district the Shire of Pingelly. Each term is for 4 years and will commence on 21 October 2023 following an oath of office.

Mr. Peter Narducci AFSM. JP.

Peter Narducci

I am committed to our community:

  • 49 years Volunteer firefighter.
  • 40 years Justice of the Peace.
  • 40 years local business experience.
  • Founder of Lost Pingelly and Pioneers of Pingelly.
  • Actively involved in Pingelly's history and tourism.
  • Pingelly Youth in Emergency Services Cadet Unit Leader.

It is time to put my experience to work and get re-elected to the Council.

When the Shire of Pingelly plans any changes that impact upon the way we live, I will do my best to ensure that we all have a say, based on residents being given details of any plans, the right facts and actual figures before making any decisions.

There are challenges for Pingelly to face about its future. Together we can face those challenges with clear goals, community involvement and well through out decisions.

Talk to me; if your idea is logical, legal and sensible, I will be your voice.

Support me to support you.

Mobile: 0417 953 386


Mr. Clinton Cheney

I am delighted to introduce myself, as a dedicated candidate for the position of Councillor for the Shire of Pingelly. My deep connection to Pingelly is built on 12 years of land ownership, and for the past 3 years, I have had the privilege of being a resident in this wonderful community. My journey from Albany to Pingelly and my diverse experiences have prepared me for this role, where I am committed to contributing to the growth and prosperity of our Shire.

Family Values: As a father to six children, family values are at the core of my commitment to Pingelly. My partner and I made a conscious decision to relocate our family here because we believe in the sense of community and the safe, nurturing environment Pingelly provides for raising children. I am passionate about creating a future where all families in our Shire can thrive, with access to excellent education and recreational opportunities.

Community Engagement and Service: My many years of working in health care & mining have instilled in me a strong sense of duty and community service. I am deeply committed to youth engagement and activities, understanding the vital role they play in nurturing our future leaders. As a Councillor, I aim to promote and support youth events and facilities, providing a space for our young residents to grow and develop their potential.

Economic Growth and Business Development: One of my key objectives as a Councillor will be to work collaboratively with our local businesses to promote Pingelly's Central Business District (CBD). I believe that a vibrant and bustling CBD is essential for fostering community spirit and attracting economic growth. By encouraging entrepreneurship, supporting existing businesses, and creating a business-friendly environment, we can bring more prosperity to Pingelly.

Residential Growth and Land Development: I am also committed to advocating for residential growth in Pingelly. To achieve this, I believe we must work to release a package of large acreage blocks, providing more housing opportunities for families who wish to call Pingelly home. By carefully planning and managing growth, we can ensure that Pingelly remains a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone.

Together, we can build a brighter future for Pingelly, where families flourish, businesses thrive, and the community thrives. Thank you for your support, and I look forward to serving you on the Shire Council. Feel free to contact me.

Mobile: 0438 416 427


Ms. Emma Baker

Ms Emma Baker nominated for Council and was elected unopposed. Unfortunately, Ms Baker has resigned without taking her seat due to personal circumstances. Council would like to express our gratitude to Ms Baker for being willing to nominate and participate in the democratic process despite being unable to take her seat.

Due to this resignation, an extraordinary election has been called for early 2024. 

Retiring Councillors

President William Mulroney and Councillor Anthony Oliveri have not renominated for a further term. This means that they will serve the remainder of this term, until 21 October 2023. A hearty thank you is due to these Councillors as they have demonstrated leadership and years of commitment to our community.