Council Extraordinary Election 2024

Call for Nominations

The Shire of Pingelly is calling for nominations for the Shire of Pingelly Extraordinary Election, to be held on Saturday the 12 April 2024, to fill 1 vacancy.

Nomination Time and Place:

  • Nominations for the vacancy open on Wednesday 21 February 2024.
  • Nominations close at 4.00pm on Wednesday 28 February 2024.

Nominations must be lodged with the returning officer at any time during the above period at the Shire of Pingelly, 17 Queen Street, Pingelly WA 6308. 

Nomination Requirements:

Candidates are required to lodge with the returning officer:

  • A completed nomination in the prescribed form, signed and witnessed. This form is available from the Shire of Pingelly.
  • A single A4 page profile of not more than 1000 characters, containing biographical information about the proposed candidate and statements of the candidate’s policies or beliefs.
  • A nomination deposit of $100 (cash, cheque, bank draft or postal order, or other means subject to returning officer approval).
  • A recent passport-sized photograph (optional).
  • Candidates may also provide a written statement in English, of up to 2000 characters (including spaces) with their nomination paper (optional).


To nominate, every individual must complete the mandatory induction for prospective candidates’ course, available via the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website.

Where an agent lodges a nomination on a candidate’s behalf, it must be in the prescribed form with a written authorisation signed by the candidate.

The documents may be hand delivered, posted or sent by electronic means to the relevant returning officer and must be received by the close of nominations.

Full details about eligibility and nomination procedures for prospective candidates in the elections, can be obtained by contacting the Shire of Pingelly.

Where there are multiple vacancies of varying terms, the candidates' terms of office will be determined by the election.

Nomination place: 17 Queen Street, Pingelly WA 6308
Returning officer: Andrew Dover
Telephone: 61 8 9887 1066

Offices vacant and terms of office: 1 vacancy, remainder of 4-year term

Council Elections 2023

Local Government Elections are held every two years, for a term of four years.  There were 3 vacancies in 2023. The Councillors with terms finishing in 2023 were President William Mulroney, Councillor Anthony Oliveri and Councillor Peter Narducci.

Three candidates were nominated for the 3 vacant positions, meaning that all candidates had been elected unopposed. 

The Results of the Election for the 2023 Shire of Pingelly Elections can also be viewed here.

Candidate Profiles

Each candidate nominated for the district the Shire of Pingelly. Each term is for 4 years and commenced on 21 October 2023 following an oath of office.

Mr. Peter Narducci AFSM. JP.

Peter Narducci

Mr. Clinton Cheney

Ms. Emma Baker

Ms Emma Baker nominated for Council and was elected unopposed. Unfortunately, Ms Baker has resigned without taking her seat due to personal circumstances. Council would like to express our gratitude to Ms Baker for being willing to nominate and participate in the democratic process despite being unable to take her seat.

Due to this resignation, an extraordinary election has been called for early 2024. 

Retiring Councillors

President William Mulroney and Councillor Anthony Oliveri have not renominated for a further term. 
A hearty thank you is due to these Councillors as they have demonstrated leadership and years of commitment to our community.