Local Government Statewide Elections are held every two years.  The next election is on 16 October 2021.

For further information or to enrol or update your enrolment please go to the Electoral Commission website.

If you own property in multiple Councils (including the Shire of Pingelly) please make sure you are registered with the Shire so you are able to vote in elections. 

Please note you are NOT automatically added to the Electoral Roll when you purchase property, you must contact the Shire to be added.

For further information contact our Senior Finance Officer on (08) 9887 1066.

To be eligible to vote at local government elections you must also be registered on the State Electoral Roll for the Legislative Assembly or the House of Representatives Roll - Australian Government Electoral Roll as per sections 4.29 and 4.30 of the Act.

Enrolling to Vote and Owner Occupier Information

Fact sheets on standing for Council:

An Introduction to Local Government

The role of a Council Member

Council Members Responsibilities and Rights

Nominating to be a Council Member

Rights and Obligations in Campaigning

Running an Election Campaign

Conduct of Local Government Elections

What Happens When You Become A Council Member

Electoral Gifts and Crowdfunding