Code of Conduct

The Local Government (Model Code of Conduct Regulations 2021) were gazetted on 3 February 2021. The Model Code of Conduct is now in effect and is applicable to all Local Governments, until such time as each Local Government adopts its own specific Code of Conduct.

This Code of Conduct  applies to Council Members, Committee Members and Candidates. Please download the Complaint for an Alleged Breach Form.

The Code complements the principles adopted in the Local Government Act 1995 to achieve:

  • better decision-making by local governments;
  • greater community participating in the decisions and affairs of local governments;
  • greater accountability of local governments to their communities; and
  • more efficient and effective local government.

The Codes provide a requirement of the expected standard of behaviour and conduct  for Council Members, Committee Members and Candidates.  It encourages a commitment to ethical and professional behaviour and outlines principles upon which individual and collective local government responsibilities may be based.