Pingelly Community Plan 2023

The Pingelly Community Plan 2023 has been developed following extensive community consultation which includes a community wide survey and community workshops as well as many discussions with individuals and groups. More than 10% of the community responded to the survey. These responses then directed the formation of the plan. This plan delivers instructions from the community to Council and Shire staff. The plan speaks to community hopes and aspirations, lays out how objectives will be achieved and resourced, and how success will be measured and reported.

The plan will be reviewed every 2 years at a minimum, however it is Council's intention to review this plan every year.

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Pingelly Community Plan 2023 Front Page

The plan merges, simplifies and updates previous the  Strategic Community Plan 2019 and Corporate Business Plan 2021. It is designed to be a practical document that people can flick through, and understand infographics and dot points about where the Shire is headed, quickly and easily.