Ranger Services

The Shire of Pingelly contracts the services of WA Contract Ranger Services for ranger services for the management of dogs and cats within the Shire. If you have any concerns or queries regarding dogs or cats, please call the Shire Office.

Dogs must be kept on a leash when in public except in designated dog exercise areas. As the owner, you can be given an on-the-spot fine of $100 for not having your dog on a leash or allowing it to roam.

If your dog or cat is impounded, fees will be payable to the Shire before release of the animal. Any dogs impounded for more than 72 hours may be put down or re-homed.

Dog and Cat Registration

Registration is required for all dogs and cats over three (3) months of age and is renewable on 1st November each year. The registration tag and name and address of owner are required to be fixed to the animal’s collar. These tags allow identification and prompt return of your dog or cat should it get lost.

If your dog or cat has previously been licenced in the Shire of Pingelly and you have not received your renewal please contact the Shire Office. If you are transferring your dog or cat registration from another Shire please bring in the renewal and receipt from the Shire that it is currently licenced in.

Please note that registrations are done over the counter, there is no need to fill in a form.  Please bring microchip and sterilisation details with you when you come in to register your pet.

For more information on registration of dogs and cats click here.


Dog and cat registration fees are as per our current fees and charges.

If you are wishing to claim as a pensioner or licence your dog or cat as sterilised then proof must be provided prior to renewal. Dog owners are reminded that a maximum of two dogs may be registered for each property.