Town Hall Future Use 

The Town Hall forms part of the civic heart of Pingelly. With the Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre now established, the community groups which previously used the Town Hall have now transitioned to the new facility. In 2020 as series of community workshops were held to identify potential future uses for the Town Hall. Residents, local business owners and community group representatives identified three options which could co-exist together: 

  • Undertake community based historical projects to capture and display the Town’s diverse history on the wall spaces and potentially the stage area utilising photos, physical displays and audio-visual displays. Regularly rotate the displays to provide variety and ongoing dialogue for residents, visitors and tourists. Initial displays were suggested as including the Higgins War Photos, selected historical records, Aboriginal culture/history and an agricultural display.
  • A flexible space in the central hall space, focused on rotations of art and craft, workshops, additional historical displays, community pop up markets and stalls, and tourism or community events.
  • Incorporate a Tourism / Visitors Centre at the front of the Hall in a converted kitchen

The community verified the feedback was captured correctly during a period of community comment. The Town Hall Reference Group has now been established to plan the design and  identify the costs for the proposed uses.

Project Updates

Driver Reviver Opening | 22 January 2023

Funding to unlock Stage 1 of Town Hall Project | Road modification public comment | 27 July 2021

Town Hall Stage 1 Concept Plan | 5 May 2021

Introducing the Town Hall Future Use Reference Group | 20 January 2021

Town Hall Reference Group | 2 November 2020

Town Hall Community Comment | 22 September 2020 

Town Hall Community Workshops | 30 July 2020