Pingelly Pocket Park - Funding Announced

Published on Thursday, 17 February 2022 at 12:38:38 PM

The Shire of Pingelly has secured a RAC Reconnect WA funding partnership with the help of hundreds of RAC members and residents who supported and voted for the 3—6 month pilot project to activate the laneway between the Town Hall and CRC offices. This project is funded by RAC with the Shire contributing the necessary labour and is one of the only 12 successful applicants for the grant.


The project was instigated through the community workshops for the Town Hall in 2020 for included ‘potential laneway overflow for markets and events utilising the side door’. The project is  designed to facilitate everyday activities as well as events.


With the advent of COVID-19 and particularly mask mandates, it is increasingly important and relevant to have attractive and functional places to meet in an outside setting. To do this, the Shire will use this grant to install artificial awn or paving, tables and seating, bike racks and shade sails. This project builds upon the recently installed public WIFI in the town centre. For events, the RAC grant will fund the purchase of a portable stage.


RAC Group Executive Social and Community Impact Patrick Walker said RAC is proud to support projects which change the look and feel of streets and public spaces.

Mr Walker said “We’re very excited to continue Reconnect WA for a second year and partner with more local governments to deliver projects which will breathe new life and colour into our communities. Pop-up activation spaces, public artwork, slower speed and more pedestrian-friendly streets are just some examples of the exciting projects receiving funding this year. By trialling new ways of using our streets and outdoor public spaces for people to safely come together, these projects will help lay the foundations for longer term changes that support RAC’s vision for a safer, sustainable and connected WA.”

The Shire President Cr Mulroney echoed those sentiments and welcomed the RAC funding. He said “the Shire of Pingelly is dependent on grants such as this for projects which will change the face of Pingelly. We have seen the success of Memorial Park through grant funding and this project only adds another dimension to that success.”


Following the announcement of this funding, the Shire of Pingelly will further consult with key stakeholders to ensure that this project is a success. If you would like to hear more about this project, please contact Ellen Cook, Community Development Officer at 08 9887 1066 or


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