This horse-drawn sulky is a piece of historical transportation equipment that was originally located in Greenbushes, Western Australia. It was estimated to have been made around the year 1910, and it's a fascinating example of the types of vehicles that were in use in the early 20th century.

The sulky was purchased by a man named 'Neil' from the original owners in Greenbushes and was subsequently relocated to Brookton, also located in Western Australia. The sulky likely would have been used for transportation, possibly by farmers or merchants traveling between different towns and cities.

The sulky itself is a lightweight two-wheeled vehicle with a seat that's designed to be pulled by a horse. It has a sleek, streamlined design that would have been popular in the early 20th century. The vehicle would have been perfect for traveling over long distances, as it would have been relatively comfortable and easy for the horse to pull.

Overall, this horse-drawn sulky is a fascinating piece of transportation history, and its relocation to Brookton and then to Pingelly has helped to preserve a small part of Western Australia's heritage.