Blessing of the Roads 2023

Published on Tuesday, 11 April 2023 at 2:34:58 PM

On Thursday the 6th April, The Shire of Pingelly, Local Emergency Services and the community gathered at the Town Hall Driver Revivor, for the annual Blessing of the Roads ceremony.

This campaign is to raise awareness of road safety, wishing all safe travels during the long weekend, and to recognise the role of the whole community in reducing road trauma. 

Blessing of the Roads was first coordinated by RoadWise in 1999. It is a statewide community road safety campaign run in the lead up to and during the Easter long weekend, when many people travel long distances to visit family, friends and holiday destinations. 

The Blessing of the Roads campaign intends to build community support for the long-term visions and actions to achieve zero deaths and serious injuries from road crashes. 

The Shire of Pingelly hopes everyone had an enjoyable Easter. 

A friendly reminder to all, that our driver revivor is open for all travellers. We encourage all to stop, stretch and enjoy a hot drink. 

scroll down below to see an Easter Road Safety message from Shire President Bill Mulroney, as well as photographs of the ceremony. 


Shire of Pingelly speech presented by Shire President Bill Mulroney

Dear fellow residents of the Shire of Pingelly,

As we gather here today for the annual Blessings of the Roads ceremony, I am reminded of the importance of road safety in our community.

This ceremony, which takes place just before Easter, serves as a reminder of the need for us to be vigilant when travelling on our roads and to ensure that we all arrive safely at our destinations. 

At the Shire of Pingelly, we take road safety very seriously. We understand that accidents on our roads can have devastating consequences, not just for the individuals involved but for their families and loved ones.

That is why we are committed to doing everything we can to prevent accidents and keep our roads safe.

To that end, we have opened a Driver Revivor in the town hall to help those travelling to stretch their legs and revive before continuing on their journey. We believe that this will not only help to prevent accidents but will also serve as a reminder to everyone that road safety is a collective responsibility.

As we gather here today to bless the roads, let us remember the importance of being vigilant and responsible when driving. Let us pledge to do everything we can to ensure that our emergency services won't be called upon due to accidents on our roads.

We thank our emergency services personnel who work tirelessly to keep us safe, and for those who have lost loved ones due to road accidents, we offer condolences and support.

Finally, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter. May this holiday be filled with joy and happiness for all of us; and may we all arrive at our destinations safely. Thank you. 

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