Community Comment: Town Hall Future Use

Published on Tuesday, 22 September 2020 at 1:59:19 PM

At the Town Hall workshops in July 2020, three options for the use of the Town Hall were developed by those in attendance:

  • Undertake community based historical projects to capture and display the Town’s diverse history on the wall spaces and potentially the stage area utilising photos, physical displays and audio-visual displays. Regularly rotate the displays to provide variety and ongoing dialogue for residents, visitors and tourists. Initial displays were suggested as including the Higgins War Photos, selected historical records, aboriginal culture/history and an agricultural display.
  • A flexible space in the central hall space, focused on rotations of art and craft, workshops, additional historical displays, community pop up markets and stalls, and tourism or community events.
  • Incorporate a Tourism / Visitors Centre at the front of the Hall in a converted kitchen

The attendees at the workshops felt that all three options could co-exist in the Hall, utilising the stage, the main hall space, and the front kitchen.

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This direction was endorsed by Council at its September meeting, subject to a final opportunity for community comment. Any further comment on the outcomes of the community workshops are invited, with submissions closing on 7 October 2020.

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Shire of Pingelly September 2020 Council Meeting Minutes | Page 9

Shire of Pingelly September 2020 Council Meeting Attachments | Page 3

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