Pingelly Local Heritage Survey and Heritage List Adopted

Published on Tuesday, 27 February 2024 at 10:31:26 AM

Pingelly Local Heritage Survey and Heritage List Adopted

The Shire of Pingelly has reviewed the Local Heritage Survey (formally known as the Municipal Heritage Inventory) and Heritage List. The review commenced in February 2023 and following exhaustive community consultation, the Local Heritage Survey 2024 and Heritage List 2024 have been adopted. This comprehensive review aligns these documents with the updated legislation, updates information on existing heritage places within the documents and adds new heritage places that have not been previously included. Overall, these documents are more comprehensive and useful.

The Local Heritage Survey is the official record of the places of historical importance within Pingelly, including the reasons why these places are important. The adopted document updates the then Municipal Heritage Inventory completed in 1995 and identifies new places which are now included on the Survey. This Survey is required under the Heritage Act 2018.

The most significant places on this Survey have been identified for protection on the Heritage List. This List is required under the Planning and Development Act 2005.

A Local Planning Policy (LPP) has been drafted to ensure that the of being on the Heritage List protection is not overly onerous and the requirements are clear. This draft LPP is currently available for comment.

Public submissions are now invited in response to the draft LPP. Submissions should be sent to or to the Shire offices at 17 Queen Street, Pingelly by hand or post by close of business on 18 March 2024.

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