Town Planning Scheme Review

Published on Tuesday, 25 July 2023 at 4:48:51 PM

The Shire has commenced the process to review the Town Planning Scheme. This document governs the built development of the town and so it is important to ensure that it is up to date and fit for purpose. To ensure the best result for our town, the Shire engaged an expert independent town planning consultant, Edge Planning to complete this review. Full details on the review are here

Since a comprehensive review has not been undertaken since 2008, there are significant changes proposed to both the Town Planning Scheme text and maps. It is important that you have your say on these changes, but first find out how they impact you by speaking with the town planner from Edge Planning, Steven Thompson. Steve will be available on 10am - 4pm Monday 14 August 2023 at the Shire Chambers for field your questions one-on-one. 

Formal submissions on Scheme Amendment No. 7 must be made in writing and lodged with the Shire on or before Tuesday 5 September 2023.

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Hannelie Evans for Department of Communities - 9 months ago

LPS 3 Amendments 6 and 7

The Department of Communities supports Amendments 6 and 7 of the Local Planning Scheme No.3. It will align LPS 3 with model scheme provisions and definitions. It will also result in a consolidated town centre area, with opportunities for residential infill. The removal of the development zone will facilitate development without a requirement for a structure plan.
The change in zoning of Communities’ assets Lot 26 (8) Dickens Street and Lot 174 (1) Taylor Street from Mixed Use to Residential R12.5/25 is supported.