The breaking-in cart, which was one of only two in the whole of Western Australia at its time, is a unique cart that was designed specifically for breaking in young horses. It is produced by a livery stable in Western Australia and is renowned for its excellent craftsmanship and durability.

The breaking-in cart has a sturdy wooden frame that is reinforced with steel bars to ensure that it can withstand the force of a young horse's kick or buck. The wheels are made of the strongest steel and have large, heavy wheels that provide stability and prevent tipping over.

The cart has a comfortable seat for the trainer, with a high backrest to support their spine. The reins that would have been used with this cart, would have been made of high-quality leather, with a soft grip to prevent slipping.

What makes this cart unique is its design. It has a low centre of gravity, which allows it to glide smoothly over rough terrain without tipping over. It also has a unique braking system that allows the trainer to control the speed of the cart with precision, even when the horse is pulling with all its might.

The breaking-in cart was designed by Wayne Hardingham, a renowned horse trainer who spent most of his life working with young horses. It came from his property in Pinjarra, Western Australia, and was specially designed to cater to the needs of young horses and their trainers.

The breaking-in cart has become an instant hit among trainers in the livery stable. It is in high demand due to its excellent craftsmanship, durability, and unique design. The cart was once sold to a local, Mr Neil Gill, who has now gifted it to the Pingelly Town Hall to be displayed as part of the museum collection.