The Pingelly Public Library is open four days a week and is situated within the Community Resource Building.

Library Opening Hours
Monday 9.00am - 4.00pm
Tuesday 9.00am - 4.00pm
Wednesday 9.00am - 4.00pm
Thursday 9.00am - 4.00pm
Friday Closed

Membership is free for local residents. Proof of your current residential address is required. Members may borrow up to four items for two weeks.

The library contains a wide range of children's and adult fiction together with non-fiction book, dvds and audiobooks.

Materials are exchanged with other shire libraries each month. Requests can be made for books held in other libraries through the Library Information Service of Western Australia.



BorrowBox enables Public Library members to browse and borrow bestselling eAudiobooks and eBooks on their Apple or Android device. Public Library Members can access BorrowBox via a link on their Public Library/Shire website.

More information on Borrowbox   


OverDrive also enables Public Library members to browse and borrow and eBooks and eAudiobooks on their Apple or Android device. Public Library Members can access OverDrive via a link on their Public Library/Shire website.

More information on OverDrive

RB Digital/Zinio for Libraries

From 28 June 2017, Zinio for Libraries will merge with RB Digital to offer a large range of eMagazines. Members with an existing Zinio for Libraries account will receive a message in their app directing them to install the new RBdigital app from their app store.

More information on RB Digital/Zinio for Libraries 

Ancestry Library Edition

Ancestry Library Edition is only available from inside your library. To set up a link to it on your PC desktops, you require the special URL that is licensed to the State Library and add it as a shortcut on your PCs. For instructions on how to do this, please read this page on Public Libraries Online:                                                 

More information on Ancestry Library Edition

Britannica Library

An excellent resource for students, parents and teachers, Britannica Library can be searched according to the users’ particular age group ensuring results are suitable for all stages of learning.

More information on Britannica Library

Resources for Kids

OverDrive eReading Room – for Kids

The eReading Room is a section of OverDrive that displays content only for kids. Kids can browse, sample, place holds and borrow eBooks appropriate for their age range and reading level.

More information on OverDrive eReading Room

Tumblebook Library

Introduce young children to the joys of reading with this delightful collection of animated, talking picture books. This subscription service has been provided through Better Beginnings supporting families in sharing a love of reading.

More information on Tumblebook Library

Story Box Library

Story Box Library connects children with literature through the complementary medium of film, providing our audience with a vibrant, interactive experience via a diverse range of storytellers, each sharing past and present book titles.

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Busythings is an online resource for the early years that includes 115+ fun learning activities that help children learn important skills in the key learning areas of creative development, problem solving, reasoning, numeracy, communication, language and literacy and knowledge and understanding of the world.

More information on Busythings

Literacy Planet

A play-based literacy resource with more than 10,000 activities online for children of all ages and ability. Children and parents can select from activities focusing on pre-reading skills, phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and comprehension in a fun, exciting and safe online environment.

More information on Literacy Planet


Pingelly Public Library
18 Parade Street, Pingelly
Phone: (08) 9887 1409