Memorial Park Opening

Published on Friday, 19 November 2021 at 3:49:56 PM

The Shire of Pingelly would like to thank Malcolm Jetta Jr for providing a Welcome to Country at the commencement of the proceedings. Following this, the Shire President, Bill Mulroney gave a speech to acknowledge the hard work that has been put into the redevelopment of Memorial Park on behalf of the community, including the funding from the Drought Communities Programme.

He said 'a lot of work has gone into this redevelopment project, but more than that, this Memorial Park is a testament to the shared vision, shared ownership, and care for where we as a community would like to take our town into the future. Memorial Park is a place where we remember those that have fallen, it is a place where we create new memories with our children and grandchildren and it is a place for these young people and for the future generations to remember fondly as positive part of their childhood.'

The Honourable Rick Wilson MP finished formal proceedings with speech relating to the importance of the drought funding for the recovery of local communities and of the development of high quality parks for community. 


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