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Sod Turning Ceremony 11 April 2017

Date: 14 September 2016 - Update


Demolition works have now commenced on the Pavilion and  Community Centre. The power and water to the building have  now been disconnected. This week  will see the salvage of  items from the internal areas of the building plus the removal  and storage of the honour boards. Tables, chairs and cutlery  will be relocated to the town hall.


As part of the salvaging process the Shire will be conducting a silent auction to dispose of a number of items such as carpet, sinks, chairs, bins, blinds and benches, plus many more items.

All items will be displayed in the Pavilion with viewing times every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 12pm. First viewing day will take place on Thursday 15 September 2016 and continue until Thursday 29 September 2016.

The silent auction will be conducted on Friday 30 September at 9am and all bids will close at 12pm sharp with the highest bid per item being the successful bid. All items are to be both paid for and removed on the day of the auction.


Date: 16 August 2016 - Why Wood?

Earlier this year, some of our Councillors, Staff and members of our PRACC Focus Group visited Melbourne to research the timber.  They visited this building, Library at the Dock, which is Australia’s first six star Green Star Council owned building constructed from modern engineered mass timber.  Wood has proven health and wellbeing benefits as well as being cost effective and quick to construct, so it’s no wonder that timber will be our key material used in constructing our Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre. 

Local Government Focus - August 2016

Date: 26 July 2016 - 3D Model

The Shire had yet another positive meeting with the architects, IPH, this week.  We hopefully refined the estimate from the Quality Surveyor as well as viewed the excellent digital 3D model they have produced.  This really made the project come to life for the PRACC Project Team and provided a further insight to what the building will look like.

3D Model

Date: 31 May 2016 - Consultants

We had another successful PRACC Project Team meeting where the architects made proposals to reduce costs while enhancing the building. They are also providing quotes from Consultants for the other specialty skills that need to be brought to the project. 

The PRACC Project Team representatives will take requests from the Team back to a Focus Group meeting next week.

Date: 19 May 2016 - Funding Sponsors

Thank you to our funding partners for your support with the Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre. 

Image 2

Date: 10 May 2016 - Update

We had another great meeting with the PRACC Project Team on Tuesday, IPH presented us with some exciting sketch ideas in order to make the buildings function better and make the Entrances more of a focal point. We also had an interesting discussion with visitor, Gary Bennell on how we can include cultural elements within the PRACC. Our next meeting will be in two weeks.

Date: 22 April 2016 – Project Team

The next stage of the project has involved the creation of the PRACC Project Team who will be involved throughout the construction of the PRACC. This will include Gavin, Craig and Claire from the Shire, Cr Lange and Cr Walton-Hassell and Bruce Sewell and Anne Goldsmith from the PRACC Focus Group. 

Date: 19 April 2016 – Positive Meetings

We had a positive and exciting meeting with Iredale Pedersen Hook (IPH) and the PRACC Project Team on Tuesday. IPH are now going to produce some more drawings and review the code compatibility for the building. They are looking at some options to make it even more community oriented and give the building some more grandeur.

We met with the Pingelly Aboriginal Progress Association to ensure their involvement in the PRACC and understanding of the Cultural element of the building. This was also a positive meeting and we have requested they nominate a member of PAPA to join the PRACC Focus Group.

Date: 29 March 2016 – Meeting the Architects

Finn Pedersen and Adrian Iredale from Iredale Pedersen Hook (IPH), met with the PRACC Focus Group, Councillors and Shire staff in The Council Chambers. This was very informative and left everyone feeling confident in IPH’s ability to deliver this project to a high standard.  This meeting kicked the project off to a great start!