Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer - 

Andrew Dover

Phone: (08) 9887 1066

Email:  andrew.dover@pingelly.wa.gov.au 

I arrived in Brisbane from Dublin in 2009 as a young backpacker looking for work as a qualified Town Planner as there wasn’t any work in Ireland following the GFC.  My Australian local government career commenced with the role of Town Planner at Mildura Rural City Council, Victoria and then I moved to WA to take up the position of Manager of Development Services at the City of Kalgoorlie. 

Some of my key achievements include streamlining all the processes to achieve a reduction in turnaround time for development applications and set up the community garden project.  I then accepted the role of Director of Development Services at the Shire of Collie to diversify the local economy from one based on mining to tourism and other industry.  It was there that I created the Mountain Bike Trails Strategy, coordinated the commissioning of numerous murals, and set up the Friends of Collie River volunteer group.

Arriving at the Shire of Pingelly as the CEO was an opportunity to progress from my economic development and regulatory background, to work directly with the forward-thinking council and enthusiastic staff group to identify opportunities and re-frame issues in the community.  My challenge  is to align what the community needs to suit the funding available to regional councils.

I met my wife, Nondo, in 2015 at a Balcatta Gospel Hall in Perth.  Originating from Zambia, she moved to Perth to study nursing at ECU, and is now a registered nurse. We have three children under the age of 6 who each have an Irish and Zambian name to honour their heritage.  We are actively involved with Balcatta Gospel Hall and during any rare downtime, I like to play social soccer and watch cricket.

The Office of the CEO is responsible for the following services:

  • Major Projects
  • Strategic and Corporate Planning
  • Advocacy and Collaboration
  • Governance Support
  • Community Consultation and Engagement
  • Human Resources Management
  • Tourism and Economic Development
  • Communications
  • Community Development
  • Contract Management 

Executive Manager Works -

Mike Hudson    

Phone: (08) 9887 1066 

Email: mike.hudson@pingelly.wa.gov.au

The Technical Services area is responsible for the following services:

  • Infrastructure
  • Water Harvesting
  • Parks, Playgrounds and Streetscapes
  • Cemeteries
  • Protection of the Environment
  • Waste Management
  • Town Planning
  • Building Control
  • Environmental Health
  • Ranger Services
  • Fleet Management

Executive Manager Corporate Services - 

Zoe MacDonald

Phone: (08) 9887 1066

Email: zoe.macdonald@pingelly.wa.gov.au 

My employment background is in accounting with memorable roles at Acacia Women’s Prison and Parkerville Children’s Home.  My local government experience includes roles at the City of Swan and Shire of Northam where in addition to my financial duties, I studied to become a qualified Ranger for my own interest and benefit.   Since starting at the Shire of Pingelly, I have been really impressed by the Councillor’s commitment to the progress of the town and the community spirit.  Having listened to the stories they tell and the respect they have for each other makes me smile.  The staff at the Shire are a fabulous group with the right skills that complement each other to get the jobs done.

Growing up in Yorkshire, UK, I was an active sportswoman, trying just about everything from ballet to swimming, hockey to athletics and everything in between.  I’ve even won a few Fitness Figure Competitions in my days as a bodybuilder.  In 1992 I migrated to Australia because I yearned for more space and ended up settling in Dale where I breed and train Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.   In my spare time, I love cooking and Gun Dog Retrieving.  I’m a dedicated DIYer, renovating my house with probably more tools in my shed than most men.

The Corporate Services area is responsible for the following services:

  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Licensing
  • Records Management
  • Information Technology