Use of Mowers & Whipper Snippers/Slashers During the Prohibited Burning Period

  • not to be used during Harvest Bans, Vehicle Movement Bans or Total Fire Bans on any area.
  • not to be used between 6am and 6pm from 1 November and during the rest of the prohibited burning period unless on a reticulated area.  (This means the grass is "green" and non-combustible).
  • vegetation that is not green and flammable and that can be reticulated, can be slashed between 6am and 6pm must be well watered prior to mowing, whipper snipping or slashing (that is within the hour of watering) so that there is no chance of "sparking" and must remain damp during the operation.
  • the area in an orchard that is not watered between rows if the trees are reticulated by drippers is not considered to be reticulated.
  • as an added precaution have a "watcher" on hand with a hose.
  • the use of disk or slashing type machines for agricultural purposes during the Prohibited Burning Period is to be by specific permit from the Chief Bushfire Control Officer or the Deputy CBFCO.