Pingelly is a vibrant, community-focused Shire with excellent facilities available to all residents and visitors.

Recent community projects carried out include:

  • Resealing works completed on Bullaring Road, Railway Street, Parker Street, Paragon Street, Webb Street
  • Road failures repaired on Bullaring Road, Wickepin Road, Bulyee Road
  • Re-alignment of bend and gravel sheeting between Stewart Road and Hastings Road
  • Reconstruction, widening and alignment of the Wickepin Pingelly Road
  • Vegetation clearing, culvert extensions, new head walls, shoulder grading, steel guide posts on York Williams Road
  • Replacement of timber bridge 1191 with concrete box culverts on Bullaring Road
  • Reconstruction of carriage way and parking bays and black asphalt on Brown Street
  • Roadside vegetation on Neamutin Road and South Kweda and North Wandering Road
  • Sewer upgrade at the Pingelly Daycare and Playgroup
  • Front stage painted and drainage installed at Pingelly Town Hall
  • Repointing of brick work, new steps and installation of roof barrier at the Old Roads Board Building
  • Sold 16 Eliot Street and 2 Paragon Street



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