Funding to unlock Stage 1 of Town Hall Project | Road modification public comment

Published on Tuesday, 27 July 2021 at 4:00:00 PM

The Shire has been successful with the Australian Government’s Driver Reviver Upgrade Grant, and the WA Government’s Small Grants Program to progress the first stage of the Town Hall Future Use Project encompassing the tourism function.

The funding will provide visitors with a comfortable space at the front of the Town Hall to rest and recharge to reduce fatigue-induced road trauma, while also housing visitor information, free WiFi, coffee-making facilities and upgrades to the current toilet facilities to improve accessibility and amenity.

Today the Working Group met to provide input and feedback into the detailed design of this stage, and the Shire is currently awaiting the outcome of additional funding to progress the historical and rotational community functions within the central space of the Town Hall.

Public Comment - Have Your Say


The purpose of this public comment is to determine the level of support from the community and other stakeholders to modify Hall Street and Princess Street within the Pingelly Town Centre to support the Town Hall Future Use Project.

At the conclusion of the public comment period, a report will be prepared for Council, presenting the feedback received, as well as any further matters that have arisen. All views are welcome and encouraged.


The Town Hall forms part of the civic heart of Pingelly. In 2020 a series of community workshops were held to identify potential future uses for the Town Hall. Residents, local business owners and community group representatives identified three options which could co-exist together comprising tourism, community and historical uses. 

The broader community verified the feedback was captured correctly during a follow-up period of public comment. The Town Hall Reference Group has since been established to plan the detailed design and prioritise progression as funding opportunities arise

In addition, in 2020 Council endorsed the Pingelly Caravan Park Master Plan following community consultation. The Plan makes provision for an additional one-way exit point to Princess Street. This component is currently outside the scope of the Town Hall Project.


In order to enable and support the experience of residents and visitors, the Shire of Pingelly is considering:

  • Hall Street to become a one-way street, eastbound (west to east) from Parade Street to Princess Street
  • Princess Street to become a one-way street, southbound (north to south) from Hall Street to  Sharrow Street.

This will facilitate provision for line parking bays to be installed on the south side of Hall Street and enable the current parallel caravan parking on the north side of Hall Street to remain.

Princess Street is a narrow road and has also been identified as unsuitable for caravans passing each other, adjacent to the Caravan Park.


The project is 100% grant funded.


A copy of the Feedback Form is available to download below, or receive in-person from the Shire Administration. Submissions close at 4.30pm on Wednesday, 11 August 2021.


Fact Sheet and Feedback Form


Phone: 9887 1066


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