The Three Quarter Sulky that is now located in the Pingelly Town Hall was originally built around 1915 and was located in Greenbushes, Western Australia. The sulky would have been used for transportation and would have been pulled by a single horse.

The sulky features a classic design that was common in the early 20th century, with a wooden frame and two wheels. The wheels would have been constructed with wooden spokes and steel rims, and the sulky would have been suspended on leaf springs for a smoother ride.

While specific information about the unique features of this particular sulky are not currently available, it's possible that it would have had some decorative or functional elements that were common for its time. For example, the gas lantern holders of which you can see on the sulky today.

The sulky was later purchased by Mr Neil Gill and donated to the Shire of Pingelly, where it now serves as a historical artifact and a reminder of the early days of transportation in Western Australia. It is a valuable piece of local history and provides insight into the technology and design of horse-drawn vehicles from over a century ago.