The sulky located in Pingelly, Western Australia is a lightweight, two-wheeled cart that was commonly used for transportation in rural areas during the early 20th century. The sulky is owned by Madge Smith, who resided in Moorumbine. Moorumbine was the original town in this area, but was then relocated approximately 5km and has become the town of Pingelly.

This sulky is estimated to have been made around 1915, which suggests that it is over a century old. Despite its age, the sulky appears to be in good condition and retains much of its original charm.

Madge Smith would frequently use the sulky to travel from her farm to Pingelly for shopping and other events, reflecting the important role that the sulky played in rural transportation during this period. The sulky likely provided Madge with a reliable and comfortable means of travel that was well-suited to the rugged terrain of rural Western Australia.

Overall, this sulky serves as a testament to the ingenuity of early 20th-century transportation and provides a glimpse into the history of rural life in Western Australia.