This horse drawn buggy is a vintage type that was made in Beverley, Western Australia in 1910. 

Beverley is a small town located in Western Australia, approximately 135 kilometres (84 miles) southeast of Perth. It has a rich history, having been established as a farming community in the late 1800s. During this time, horse-drawn buggies were commonly used for transportation, and many were made in small local workshops or blacksmiths' forges.

The horse buggy would have been made during the heyday of horse-drawn transportation, and it would have been a common sight on the streets of Beverley and other rural towns in the area. It is possible that the buggy was used for transportation, farm work, or leisure activities such as picnics or parades.

In 2000, the horse buggy changed ownership and was acquired by Mr Neil Gill who donated it along with the others you see here today, in 2021. This beautiful buggy now stands proudly among 16 other antique collector's items and 4 collectable wagons that are housed in another vicinity.