Works Program

The Shire of Pingelly builds and maintains roads and footpaths throughout the Shire. The Shire has 209km of sealed roads and 374km of unsealed roads in an area of 1,223 km2.

In the 2016/2017 Annual Works Program, the following works have been prioritised:

  • Removal of Vegetation on Rural Road Verges $70,000 
  • York William Road clearing and shoulder upgrade $138,530
  • York William Road culvert upgrades $193,712
  • Wickepin Pingelly Road upgrade $177,759
  • Wickepin Pingelly Road National Black Spot Work $351,200
  • Shaddick Road Realignment and gravel resheeting $338,394
  • Road failures on the Bullaring Road $63,425
  • Bullaring Road resealing $62,190
  • Dwarlaking Road Culvert upgrade $23,530
  • Reseal Paragon Street—Park to Johnston $29,743
  • Brown Street upgrade $163,000

 While Council endeavours to complete all budgeted works, circumstances such as weather, plant breakdown and other unforeseen occurrences do not always allow this to happen.


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