Rate income is used to provide and maintain a variety of services and facilities. These include roads, parks, community services and recreational facilities. Rates are a major component of the Shire's revenue.

Two types of rating systems are used in the Shire of Pingelly: Gross Rental Value (GRV) for land within the townsite and Unimproved Valuations (UV) for land outside the townsite. Rates are based on periodic valuations supplied by the Valuer General. If you wish to object to the valuation of your property, you must lodge an objection with the Valuer General within 60 days of the original issue date of the rate notice. If an objection has been lodged, rates must still be paid by the nominated due dates whilst the valuation is reviewed.

This year, Council has adopted a fiscally responsible Budget addressing community expectations and aspirations, to meet the needs of ratepayers, residents, business and community groups, with an overall rate increase of 4.5% ($89,754 increase from 2018/19) on GRV and UV properties. The minimum rate will remain at $900 from the 2018/19 year.  The rate increase includes CPI of 1.3%. The remaining 3.2% covers increased shire costs of operations such as electricity charges (incl street lighting), water and sewerage charges, emergency services levy, fuel and road construction materials.

The rates have been set at a level to generate sufficient income for the various services and facilities provided by the Shire of Pingelly.  The minimum rate reflects the basic cost incurred by the Shire of Pingelly in servicing each dwelling or lot within the Shire.  This will remain at $900 per assessment.

Gross Rental Values 12.0060 in the dollar.  Unimproved Values 1.0340 in the dollar.  Rubbish and Recycling Service charge per service will increase by $10 to $310p.a. to cover rising waste management costs. NB: Both GRV and UV property valuations were revalued by the Valuer General this year for 2019/20.

Individual rates are based on valuations supplied by the Valuer General. Some rate-payers may experience a different increase in their rates as individual valuations received may vary from previous valuations. NB: This year is a revaluation year for all GRV properties. If you feel that your rate change is more than anticipated due to the change in your valuation, you may lodge an objection with the Valuer General. 

Valuations - Your valuation (GRV or UV) is only one factor used to calculate your rates notice. The Valuation of Land Act 1978 (as amended) Part IV sets out how valuation objections may be lodged. A property owner may lodge an objection against the valuation of a property within 60 days of the date of issue of a rates notice. For information on how your values are calculated and how to lodge an objection, please visit Landgate’s website landgate.wa.gov.au/valuations, or alternatively call Landgate Customer Service on +61 (0)8 9273 7373.

Rates Record - Section 6.76 of the Local Government Act 1995 provides the grounds, time and the way individual objections and appeals to the Rates Record may be lodged. An objection to the Rate Book must be made in writing to the council within 42 days of the date of issue of a rates notice.

Section 6.81 of the Local Government Act 1995 refers that rates assessments are required to be paid by the due date, irrespective of whether an objection or appeal has been lodged. In the event of a successful objection or appeal, the rates will be adjusted, and you will be advised accordingly. Credit balances may be refunded on request.

Details of the process are on the back of the rate notice. If you intend to lodge an objection, please note that your rates account must still be paid in full by the due date.  If your valuation is lowered as a result of your objection, the appropriate amount of rates will be credited to your property assessment.  If your valuation has increased as a result of your objection, a further rate notice will be forwarded.

Pensioner And Senior Rebates/Deferments

Pensioners who meet the eligibility criteria below, are entitled to claim a rebate of 50% off the current year’s rates, capped at $750 for 2019/20 or you may defer payment of those rates. Seniors meeting the eligibility criteria may claim a rebate of up to 25%. If eligible for a rebate or deferment, rubbish charges must still be paid within 35 days of the issue of the rate notice.

If you become an eligible pensioner and/or senior during the financial year, you may receive a pro-rata rebate for the remaining period upon application.

Pensioners and seniors looking to apply for the concession please visit www.watercorporation.com.au for more information and to complete/lodge applications, alternatively the Shire of Pingelly can provide you with an application form however all applications are to made direct to the Water Corporation.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for concessions, an applicant must:

  1. Be the owner and reside in the property on 1st July of the rating year;
  2. If a Pensioner, either;
    1. be in receipt of a pension and hold a pensioner concession card or State concession card; or
    2. hold both a Seniors card issued by the Office of Senior Interests and a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  3. If a Senior:
    1. hold a Seniors card issued by the Office of Senior Interests.

Payment Of Rates

Ratepayers may elect to pay in two or four equal instalments for which fees and interest charges will be levied. Due dates plus associated fees/charges are displayed on the front of your rate notice. If you wish to pay your rates by instalments, you must pay the first instalment by the due date.

If paying your rates by mail, please ensure that your payment is posted with sufficient time to reach the Shire office by the due date. Payments received after the due date will automatically incur interest charges. Please note that Council will not accept responsibility for delays in postal services.

Change Of Ownership

Notice must be given to Council within 21 days whenever a person sells or otherwise disposes of land. Details of land description, and the name and address of the new owner must be stated.

Change Of Address

Please advise Council in writing of any change of address to which notices are sent. The assessment number should be quoted on all such correspondence.

Alternatively,  please click here to download a change of address form.

If you would like to place an objection in regards to the valuation of your property please download the objection to valuation form.

Change Of Concession Details

You must contact the Shire of Pingelly rates department immediately if you are a Pensioner and the following circumstances have changed:

  • You are issued a new concession card
  • Your current concession card is cancelled or has expired
  • Your original application details have or will soon have changed
  • You sell, transfer and interest in all or part of your property
  • You or your spouse, cease occupation of the property
  • Your contact details change


Senior Finance Officer
Phone: (08) 9887 1066
Email: sfo@pingelly.wa.gov.au