Memorial Park Redevelopment Community Consultation

Wednesday 20th May 2020


The Shire of Pingelly has an opportunity to apply for funding under a Federal Government program that supports 100% of costs for local community infrastructure development in drought affected regions of Australia. Funding targets projects that stimulate local community spending using local resources, businesses and suppliers, and provide a long-lasting benefit to communities.

This criteria for a successful application include increasing employment in the short and long term, improving levels of economic activity, and retaining businesses and services.

Council considered a number of projects to maximise the chance of a successful outcome against the priority areas and assessment criteria, before initial conversations took place with the Federal Government. As a result of these discussions, the proposal to redevelop Memorial Park emerged as an ideal project based on the potential to increase visitor numbers and associated spending, offering increased opportunities for local businesses.


Memorial Park is integral to the civic heart of Pingelly. The precinct is centrally located, and facilitates high connectivity with local businesses. The high visibility of Memorial Park creates an opportunity to provide an attractive stopover for visitors, as well as value add to Pingelly as a destination for the emerging daytrip and weekend tourism market. As a result, new spending in our local economy will be generated.

Redeveloping Memorial Park will form a key component of the Shire of Pingelly’s response to supporting economic stimulus and recovery following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Adding elements to the Park will increase the number of visitors who stop within the town centre, rather than ‘drive-through’.

The redevelopment will also support and empower local businesses throughout the project’s lifecycle. Parks generate economic activity by creating jobs during and after construction. There are also opportunities to source and purchase materials locally, to build and maintain the space.

In addition to the economic opportunities of the project, local families, children and young people will have access to a dynamic space for remaining physically active and socially engaged. Events facilitated by local community groups will be enhanced with new amenities, along with an improvement to existing facilities.

The overarching purpose of the project is to provide an improved space, that maximises the entire precinct and provides an accessible combination of elements to attract an increased level of visitation.

Concept Plan

The draft Concept Plan shows a high level vision for the Park, as initial design idea. Following acceptance of the concept plan, and subject to a successful grant submission, detailed design will commence to determine the specific elements and ‘look and feel’ of each space. The project can then be staged (if necessary) according to the level of resources available. If the grant application is successful, the initial stage of the project will be complete by 30 June 2021.

Next Steps:

  • Complete consultation
  • Analyse feedback for Council consideration
  • Subject to broad support - initiate detailed design for the project
  • Commence construction


Council would like to hear your thoughts on the concept, and your ideas about what other uses could be incorporated within Memorial Park. We value all feedback and suggestions on the elements of the Plan and the key spaces identified. In particular, what you like and / or dislike. The closing date for submissions regarding this proposal is Friday 5 June 2020.

Draft Concept Plan – for comment

The below Concept Plan represents the initial design idea based on the creation of an accessible, attractive precinct, with activities for all ages. The final Concept Plan and resulting detailed design will reflect the community feedback about this amazing space.


Playground Spaces Playground hubs to cater for all ages will be located throughout the precinct to ensure all children are able to enjoy the area. The existing playground to the west of the site is to be retained and expanded.

Scudds Lane Scudds Lane currently forms a barrier between Memorial Park and the existing playground, resulting in road closures being required during public events. The portion of Scudds Lane running through the park will be closed to improve safety and enhance amenity, as well as increasing the space available for community use.

Formal Memorial Garden and Amphitheatre The existing memorial colonnade in the north east corner is proposed to be retained and form part of a new boundary pathway. Stairs will connect the gardens to a circular lawn area to be used as an events space. A new shade structure above the stairs and an accessible pathway will link this space to the remainder of the precinct. The shade structure may also offer opportunities to relocate the memorial plaques that are located in the existing rotunda.

Adventure Spaces Adventure play areas consisting of either a skate park or pump track (or both) on the western side of the park surrounding the Museum. The terraced boundary of the central grassed area uses the 4 metre fall of the site, from east to west, to create a natural amphitheatre effect.

Shade Shade structures will be designed to provide maximum shade during the summer season. Existing healthy trees that provide shade will be retained as far as practical.

Lighting The shade structures above the three playgrounds will be lit from within to create beacons of light. The remainder of the park will be fitted with lighting which is appropriate to the zone of activity to minimise antisocial behaviour.

Toilets A new all access toilet facility will be located centrally within the Park and provide access during daylight hours, and as required for evening events.

Parking The existing parking area to the north of the Old Courthouse will be transformed into a central grassed area. Approximately 45 parking bays will be available around the perimeter of Memorial Park. The former vehicle entry from Parade Street will be a paved area to maintain connectivity for pedestrians and placement of bollards to be opened to vehicle access for events.

For further information regarding this proposal, please contact: Julie Burton
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 9887 1066


Memorial Park Fact Sheet and Submission Form 


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Organisation: Shire of Pingelly

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