Launching the Pingelly Youth Network

Published on Tuesday, 10 November 2020 at 10:00:00 AM

Previous consultation undertaken by the Shire indicated the community ranked ‘youth engagement’ as the most critical issue facing Pingelly into the next decade. In response the Shire is preparing the Youth Strategy 2021-25 to formally acknowledge its commitment to supporting young people in Pingelly.

For the first time, a whole of  community, structured framework will be developed to guide the Shire’s involvement in youth    service provision and ensure young people are formally considered in decision making and future planning.

The Shire has a leadership role in understanding and responding to the needs of young people in the community and representing their interests to other spheres of Government and the broader community. The priorities outlined in the Strategy will be used to inform the program of work undertaken by the Shire and local youth service providers.

The Shire acknowledges the significant period of change in a young person’s life as they transition from childhood to adulthood. This Strategy will articulate the support and opportunities to enable young people to remain connected to community.

Expressions of Interests are now open to join the Pingelly Youth Network

A Youth Network is being established to identify focus areas that will become the scope of an interactive engagement series with young people during 2021 to inform the Youth Strategy. It is intended the Pingelly Youth Network will meet after the youth consultation to review the draft Strategy and provide further feedback. Following the endorsement of the Strategy by Council, the Pingelly Youth Network will continue to meet a minimum of three times a year to ensure coordination of youth activities and services in Pingelly.

As well as consisting of representation from several community groups, the Pingelly Youth Network will include three positions from the general community. A copy of the Terms of Reference and Expression of Interest Form is available to download below.


Pingelly Youth Network Terms of Reference

Pingelly Youth Network Expression of Interest Form


Community Development Officer


Phone: 9887 1066


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