Building, Planning and Development Forms

This file contains building applications forms for the Shire of Pingelly, should the form you require not be in this folder please contact the Shire Office.

Ancillary Dwellings

Application for Planning Approval

Application for Planning Consent

BA1 Certified Application

BA2 Uncertified Application

BA5 Demolition Permit Application

BA7 Notice of Completion

BA8 Notice of Cessation

BA13 Application for Building Approval Certificate

BA20 Notice for Consent to Encroach or Adversely Affect

BA20A Notice for Consent

BA22 Application to Extend Time

Building Application Verandahs and Patios

Carports and Garages in the Front Setback

Checklist for Minor Structures and Swimming Pools

Commercial Industrial Lodgement Checksheet

Converting a Patio or Carport Into a Habitable Room

Do I Need a Building Permit?

Dwelling Lodgement Checksheet

Guide to Certified Building Permit Application Form BA1

Guide to Demolition Permit Application Form BA5

Guide to Uncertified Building Application Form BA2

Guidelines for Outbuildings

Home Occupation Application

Home Occupation Renewal

Minor & Incidental Structures

Minor Additions Outbuildings Alterations etc

Outbuilding Lodgement Checksheet

Overhanging Branches and Tree Roots

Owner Builder

Pingelly Town Centre Townscape

Relocatable Homes

Sea Containers

Septic Application

Shire of Pingelly Building Applications - Minor Additions, Outbuildings, Alternations etc

Smoke Alarm Law Feb 2014

Swimming Pool Lodgement Checksheet

Temporary Accommodation

Typical Drawing Layouts for Building Applications - Outbuildings

Typical Drawing Layouts for Building Applications

What Constitutes my Front Fence?

What is a Retaining Wall?

When is Approval Required?